What The Beyonce Superbowl “Backlash” Was Really About

So much noise was made about Beyonce’s Superbowl halftime performance suggesting it was paying homage to The Black Panther Party. I watched it and like so many other people, I really didn’t get the justification for the backlash. I’m a conspiracy theorist to a degree, so I believe much of the backlash was orchestrated. Regardless, race issues have exploded into discussion yet again. Although I didn’t really get that, Beyonce’s attire and military themed performance was considered a salute to The Black Panthers (even though it was really a tribute to Michael Jackson). There was so much noise, blog talk, rumored demonstrations—-and then it hit me. There is a reason behind everything highly publicized. And the real agenda was all about pushing things into binary options and killing an idea. There are certain ideals that the powers that be have to attack. This orchestrated backlash was all to subconsciously implant into society the denunciation of The Black Panther Party to a newer generation as we contend with police brutality. The Beyonce Superbowl performance backlash was used as a straw-man to zone in on because there was a greater goal in mind. That goal is to kill that same revolutionary ideology and spirit of the 60s. So before any more public figures get any ideas, they tell us what’s “good” and what’s “bad”, and smother and drown out the mere reference of the Black Panther Party  archetype with fake controversy and backlash before anything real takes form. Here’s a dose of the sobering truth.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that it’s all entertainment and fake controversy. You ever notice that many times with Superbowl’s there tends to be some sort of side-show, controversy, wardrobe malfunction etc? If it’s on TV you should already question what you’re seeing. As for the public commentary and dialogue, many things are thrown out there for a very specific reason.

The powers that be speak messages into our minds not by saying things flat out, but by psychological stratagem. There are many tricks, if you will, to distract people from critical thought and pull us toward a way of thinking with lots of  falsehoods covertly passed off as givens. The Establishment’s stooge, Rudy Giuliani, as well as the newly appointed conservative spokeswoman from The Blaze, Tomi Lahren, quickly went sounding off on the issue denouncing Beyonce’s performance as racist and disrespectful to the police. These people simplify and force things into binary options as either “pro cop” or “anti-cop”, which is dangerous as it is stupid. The truth is that Beyonce is being used as a straw man and there is another goal in sight. Basically, we are being told the subconscious message yet again, which is, “The Black Panther Party is bad”, without ever discussing why. They just went in demonizing Beyonce for saluting the Black Panthers. While everyone is going back and trying to find the connection, society at large is maneuvered right past ever discussing the ideology of the Black Panther Party at all. It’s a clever tactic of normalizing the association of something as negative without the application of critical thought.

There is a guilty paranoia that is always governing the consciousness of black America, always trying to figure out what its doing, how it is thinking and who its acclaimed heroes are and aren’t. And the establishment likes to find creative ways to tell black America who their lionized heroes should and should not be. America is always going to be a paranoid nervous wreck, rewriting history, running from the truth and covering her tracks in every generation. So since they want to keep going there, let’s jump right in and pull the truth to light.

What The Blank Panther Party Really Was


There are many people and things in society that we collectively consider bad, but because we were brainwashed to think that. However, if you pull some of these things out to light, you’ll realize it was never true. There are so many things that people are saying on social media exposing the ignorance and socially engineered misinformation typical in American society. With that said, The Black Panther Party was not a hate group. It was a grass roots self defense movement, that quickly became very effective, so they became very feared. They planned all sorts of community events and resources. They organized food drives and medical care for the community. And a large part of what they did entailed the use of 2nd amendment rights toward self defense from police brutality.

In the 1960s, black communities were dealing with  police brutality at alarming rates. Black people were being murdered, abused and mistreated on a daily basis. All those non-violent marches and protests, as employed by Martin Luther King, was one approach. The Black Panther Party had other ideas. So as some of the police were literally getting away with murder and abuse, the Black Panther Party lawfully armed themselves and defended themselves from unwarranted attacks. This was not good in the eyes of men like FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover. In truth, self administered justice was as American as the Star Spangled Banner, and it was effective in bringing about real societal change. That’s why they had to kill it. The government had a big, big problem with the Black Panthers because they were not criminals. They were intelligent, organized and resolved. With so many powerful schools of thought in the 1960s, through the Black Panther Party, an idea was spreading. Olympic athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos put black gloved fists in the air at the 1968 Olympic awards ceremony. Pride and self determination was growing. This energy of bringing power to the people and executing the change they wished to see would actually liberate society from the abuses of their masters. It threatened the very infrastructure of power and control. So they systematically set out to sully their image and portray the Panthers as a hate group full of militant terrorists and destroy them.

Hoover and The United States government freaked out when they witnessed the power that people can have when they organize themselves, and help themselves. They were freaked out by the intelligence, discipline, ambition and correct application of Constitutional rights to fight injustice. Consequently, the Black Panthers quickly became public enemy number 1. The FBI sprang into action and began to set up their leaders with fake crimes. They created justifications to murder or imprison many of them. They pumped out lies to vilify them. Many of those lies are still sustained to present day.

To this very day, the government is very afraid of the lionizing of The Black Panther Party because the very idea of the Black Panther Party threatens the status quo. They blatantly lie to us and try to make us believe that they were blood thirsty cop killers who hated white people and went around killing cops at will. The truth is that they were really heroic freedom fighters who had done an extraordinary thing, and they were trying to achieve more. They weren’t asking for justice from an establishment that was never going to give it to them. They simply refused to be victims and let the establishment know that violations of their rights and injustices inflicted on the community would come with a price.

So now that history is coming back around and we are witnessing the unavenged public executions of black people, including Tamir Rice, the 12 year-old boy playing in the park, and Sandra Bland who was pulled over so that an officer can fulfill his ticket writing quota, or Eric Garner who was illegally choked to death on the street over cigarettes, to name a few, they don’t want the spirit that created the Panthers to return. They don’t want any of us in this generation to start realizing who they really were or to follow suit. They don’t want people to start waking up and realizing things that were done before, or the power that they truly have. They want the people pacified and complacent with injustice. They don’t want a people prepared to fight it. The Civil Rights movement and the powerful energy of the 60s is being diverted by nonsensical distractions. They know very well what ideas and concepts they want to purge out of society through theatrics and media. They feel they need to kill certain ideas, so they smother it. Consequently, covert ways to send a message by wagging the dog are employed. So whether it was Beyonce’s idea to pay homage or not, the message of denouncing the Black Panther Party or Malcom X through Beyonce is loud and clear. The real agenda remains out of focus, and the orchestrated “backlash” of Beyonce’s half-time performance was all just a half truth—and a”sideshow”.

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