Bill Cosby is Not on Trial The American Justice System is

This latest video contains information that completely shuts down the Bill Cosby argument with finality. The mic is dropped and there’s nothing more to said. So regardless what the kangaroo court against him cooks up in order to convict him or not, ethically they already lost the case.

Those very familiar with the Bill Cosby trial may know what has been going on for quite sometime. In many ways whether Bill Cosby is guilty or innocent has become a secondary issue at this point. There are more serious legal questions amiss that effect infrastructure of our whole justice system. Regardless if Cosby is guilty or innocent it is clear that he has been denied his rights and railroaded by the media and the American justice system. Through this scandal the justice system is exposing how corrupt and broken it is as many lawyers, judges and opportunists were able to skate around Constitutional rights in order to get their man. Bill Cosby is in court today not due to evidence or proper legal protocol. He is in court largely due to a failure of the justice system, the media, public opinion, and opportunists who took full advantage. Again, this disregard for laws has inadvertently affected every single American citizen consequently. What is done to any of us becomes a legal precedent that can be done to anyone else.

Bill Cosby is not on trial, metaphorically speaking. The American justice system is.

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