Bombshell News On Bill Cosby!!!! What The Media Was Hiding

Bill Cosby is one of the latest victims of a no holds barred media lynching. There was no trial and no evidence supporting anything, but the media and the court of public opinion indulged in a fabricated witch hunt in which no rules or legal protocol was necessary.

Here’s what no one understands that the corporate media doesn’t want you to know: There was not just a growing list of Cosby accusers, there is, in fact, a growing list of Cosby accusers who have been publicly caught in lies. All of this information is being collected all over the country by independent sites, bloggers and organizations. Some of these people and groups are even calling the big news conglomerates with proof but the big networks refuse to touch it. I previously wrote about Chloe Goins, Louisa Moritz, P.F. Matsen, Chalen Lasha, and others who have been caught or exposed, but oh there is so much more.

Here are 3 videos all about what the media has been hiding from the public. No words necessary. Watch all 3 parts right here!


Part 1:



Part 2:



Part 3:

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