Cosby Update: MISTRIAL | Everything You Need To Know That The Media Won’t Say

Unfortunately, it appears this case went exactly as expected. Think whatever you like, but Andrea Constand, the only Cosby accuser that they managed to push into court unlawfully already manifested evidence of deception to the jury, the prosecution did not have what they needed, and despite it all they were still desperately trying to fix the case against Bill Cosby. Only they couldn’t due to too much reasonable doubt. The jurors who were not convinced Cosby was guilty based on the evidence did not budge.  And so, the case was deadlocked into a mistrial.

Andrea Constand was called out by the defense on the fact that she changed dates and times of previous testimonies so that they could match phone records, as well as multiple details she previously stated on record. Constand also continued a relationship with Cosby before and after the alleged incident. Constand still called him repeatedly and accepted favors and invites. The other accuser, Kelly Johnson, also had major problems with her testimony. She first reported that the incident took place in 1990. She later recanted and testified that it took place in 1996, so she was also inconsistent but only off by 4 years shy of a decade.  In a perfect world, this case would not even be in court. And that’s exactly why it was dismissed the first time.

But here is the interesting part; the media is spinning the narrative and still lying every step of the way, not telling us that she produced inconsistent testimony. They instead told us that she was “standing firm” against withering cross-examination. The judge, Steven T. O’Neill, also did what he could to block the defense’s attempts to expose Constand and bring testimony from people who knew her, like former work associate and friend Marguerite Jackson. The judge also wouldn’t allow evidence from her prior relationships that apparently are both male and female, even though she is only known to be lesbian publicly. They have inconsistencies and no evidence so the judge did allow law enforcement, psychologists and every person willing to make a case against Cosby to sit on the witness stand and do just that even though none of it is evidence, but more rhetoric to influence the jury.

Basically, they allowed anything to be said of Cosby, but were doing everything they could to protect Constand and keep information hidden. The fix is in. Regardless, after all the hoopla from over 60 women, a deadlocked mistrial on one case is the absolute best they can do. And there you have it, folks.


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