Fake News is Real

Time to wake up people. More empirical evidence keeps revealing itself that much of the news we see on TV is fictional. We are also being inundated with countless false flags and staged terror events like never before. It’s time for many of the corrupt systems in place to change. No this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s extremely hard for institutionalized, brainwashed and propagandized people to accept so it’s time to start presenting some of the receipts. In fact, it’s more of a commitment to a conspiracy theory to sit there and believe your national news is uncontaminated and true.

Take a look at some of the undeniable evidence that we are being lied to on a daily basis, and a change needs to happen now.


After looking at all the undeniable facts before our eyes, it’s pretty plain to see that something is very wrong and  a change must come.

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