How Mayweather Hate Has Hit New Lows

In recent times Floyd Mayweather hate has reached new lows for a variety of reasons, and it consistently has been very ugly. Floyd’s impenetrable defensive fighting style hasn’t turned out to be a fan favorite, largely by people who aren’t true boxing fans, and he’s been receiving lots of hate ironically because no one could decode him and beat him. There are several additional reasons he’s hated and discredited, some of those reasons understandable, but most completely irrational.

Mayweather has accomplished something very few fighters can achieve. In a career spanning nearly 2 decades, he’s beaten over 2 dozen world champions, won titles in multiple weight divisions and retired undefeated tying Rocky Marciano’s undefeated record (49-0), and all the while with seemingly no one else in his league. Ironically however, all he received for it was blatant disrespect and annoying criticisms. Floyd has had his fights criticized not for losing any of them, but for the way he wins, had his domestic affairs made front page news, was childishly humiliated for his reading ineptitude, and was even matched up against female former UFC champ Ronda Rousey who ended up having a world of her own problems to worry about. Karma can come around and kick you in the head sometimes.

Below is a video manifesting the many ways Floyd Mayweather was constantly and unfairly getting the shaft, even though the last laugh was usually his in the end.


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