How to Break Free From “The Matrix”

Many people are beginning to feel the energy around them, knowing that something isn’t quite right. We’re inundated with so many cultural issues, gender wars, race wars and so many polarizing issues so much, that it’s becoming apparent that mankind is living way beneath its potential. And collectively, mankind is psychologically trapped in many systems designed to do just that; trap you.

With that said there is nothing more important than for each of us to break free of the mental prisons we live in and escape the matrix, so to speak. One of the main mechanisms keeping us in the matrix is TV and our media programming. But it’s also education, science, the entertainment industry and everything the powers that be use to keep you imprisoned in a false sense of reality. This message isn’t for everyone, we know that. And yes, there are way more people asleep than awake. Regardless there are a lot of people who are starting waking up and realize things are exactly what they thought.

There are traps all over the place to keep you lowering your vibration and lowering your frequency. And when you are successfully kept vibrating low, the system can more easily control you and keep you trapped in.

Open Your Mind: Know What You Don’t Know

What’s stands in a lot of people’s way is a regressive mindset. People trust the system and popular opinions way more than they ought to, so people arrogantly think they know things without truly being sure of what they know at all. Most people don’t truly know anything and that’s how the system is designed.  Even in the language you speak. Featured in the video below, are some more basic ways that could help you break out of the matrix.

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