No More Weaves!!!! The Tracks Weaves Leave Behind


I hate weaves. I’m not sure what else to say, and I don’t mean to hurt the feelings of people reading this who may be wearing weaves right at this moment, but whatever….I really hate weaves. Don’t get me wrong, some weaves look perfectly fine and are very well maintained. However, there seems to be a weave epidemic in the black community, and although many weaves look fine, A LOT are not very necessary, worn way too much, or look absolutely ridiculous. Many women of color have fallen so deep into this new culture of hair weave dependency, that many have completely forgotten or can’t even realize that they look so much better, more natural, confident and tasteful styling their own natural hair. With some people looking good but many looking absurd, this was once thought to be a passing trend, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at the national sales:there’s a new addiction in town.

Standing in a bodega somewhere in NYC, I was waiting for a sandwich and watched five different women of color enter and leave. It was very eye-opening to realize that all five had fake hair on. Four of them looked terrible and fake, and one was an obvious wig that looked more like a drag Halloween costume than anything remotely tasteful.

To be clear, a lot of different types of people wear weaves and wigs, and it’s not just black women. Women of all races and even aging male white rockers have turned to wigs, weaves and extensions. The intention of weaves initially was never supposed to create a whole new hair texture, but mainly it was supposed to look natural, and give the hair a look of more body and length. Weaves also give women the ability to try different styles and various colors without having to do it to their own hair. And at least so I’m told, weaves and wigs are a lot easier than having to style your own hair. For women consumed with appearance who care about this sort of thing, weaves initially were viewed by many as a good way to add to what they have and try things out from time-to-time. To the contrary however, more and more black women have been consumed by weave usage, wearing them routinely way too much, even to the point of their own serious hair damage. Many of the weaves began to look fraudulent and completely out of place. Gravitating to what everyone else is doing, many are starting to wear them religiously and with a strange devotion when they clearly don’t even need them. It’s very conspicuous that a huge social problem is amiss.

Something is creating a psychological dependency and consequently, this weave craze is attracting many people, including countless women who should never be caught dead in one.

There are many “weave offenders” out there. There are the ones who have their hair pulled straight back but with visible curls and waves creeping in at the sides, with some clipped on, slightly different shade of black, slightly different hair texture, pin straight Pocahontas attachment ponytail in the back. Real smooth. Is anyone supposed to be fooled by this? There are also the women that have been wearing wigs, weaves and extensions so excessively that they’re going bald and you can see it. Bald patches all around the scalp, and they still have that weave in. I don’t think you’re supposed to be tying, pulling and pasting up your hair on your scalp regularly for too long as yes, it may begin to fall out. Then there are those really forcing it: The very dark-skinned women with typically sub-Saharan African features, putting on these long pin straight, sometimes light colored wigs and weaves making themselves look like some odd new alien race. And then there are of course those who insist on wearing weaves but don’t keep up with the maintenance, so they look windblown, or like they’re having a real tough week. I can go on and on. In all seriousness, this weave outbreak is reaching new peripheries and its getting a little out of control.

Pastor A.J. Aamir of Resurrecting Faith in Waco, Texas has asked his church staff and congregation to refrain from wearing weaves. His decree to his church has made news and rippled all over the web. Pastor Aamir said, “our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying.” He also went on to make a serious and valid point in saying, “I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. No. I will not be quiet about this.” There is a reason why this solitary Pastor’s words went viral. Does he have a point and validity?


Assortment of Weave Offenders:

What exactly is happening here?
Please just stop this now. Stop it.
This poor lady has still not conceded that she is now bald for life. Good work.
Just a tad bit too awkwardly high in the middle maybe?

Institutionalization of “Beauty”

The effect of decades of being institutionalized and indoctrinated with what the image of beauty is through the entertainment industries, modeling industry, hair products and cosmetic product advertisement is obvious. And the main reason I don’t like weaves is primarily because of the new psychological dependence on them because of the institutionalization. As a person of color, I resent them when they seem forced and unnatural.

Again, not to me, but socially they work for a lot of people when they seem natural and well maintained. What can I say: everyone does things in the name of vanity at some point and I can’t judge someone else’s prerogative. Wanting fuller or longer hair in and of itself doesn’t necessarily have any racial implications either. I understand that it’s not necessarily trying to appear something other than one’s race for all weave wearers, and it may simply be easier to wear weaves and wigs than to constantly treat and style your own hair. However, it’s when women of color don these race-bending, unrealistic wigs and weaves and try to kid themselves that they can pull it off that gets exasperating to behold. As much as I don’t like them, some people have a face for the weave and it works for what they’re going for. Again, its only purpose was supposed to be a believable enhancement. Many people of color have an exotic look and some can look natural in a long flowing weave. However everyone can’t do the same things, and if it doesn’t work for you, please don’t. Some are so bad it’s almost a tempting thought to rip them right out and set them ablaze on the spot.

It’s another manifestation of self-loathing and an over-the-top commitment to pretending to have or be what you’re not. Many of them aren’t just attachments. Many of these weaves are clearly not fitting certain types of people who may also be wearing them for the wrong reasons. Something is driving some women of color to disregard their pride and stick, paste and weave these things onto their heads that obviously don’t look like they belong to them, and then walk around like everything is fine.

The wrong social practices are being pumped out to young women of color, and instead of fighting and correcting it; people are falling down before it and caving in. And like any addiction, some women of color get angry when they’re lambasted for it and passionately defend it. Many of these weaves almost look like preposterous hats or helmets. In a nutshell, it’s a huge sign of weakness that they’re proudly wearing on their head for all to see.

Make no mistake, most people of color do not want to be white, at all. However, some people of color simply want to appear just a little bit “whiter” because of what’s been done to the esteem historically for years, and what they’ve been taught beauty is. People of color have been institutionalized, and now we institutionalize ourselves. Many people of color have been severely weakened, are confused, and have subconsciously lost respect for themselves in their natural state. Don’t expect too many people to admit it.

Other Interesting Things People Do

Sammy Sosa was once convinced he improved his look by way of "skin rejuvenation". After he became aware that he instead appeared to have a serious rare illness, we hear he has returned to being black.
Sammy Sosa was once convinced he improved his look by way of “skin rejuvenation”. After he became aware that he instead appeared to have a serious rare illness, we hear he has returned to being black.
Indian man is sitting tight to bleach his entire face. With an extra 10 minutes to spare, why not stop in for a sec and bleach your face.
Indian man is sitting tight to bleach his entire face. With an extra 10 minutes to spare, why not stop in for a sec and bleach your face?

Racial Assimilation All Around The World

There’s a new trend with many races pathetically attempting to appear more European and it’s extremely irritating. In parts of East Asia, it has become a popular trend to have eye surgery to widen the eyes called “Asian blepharoplasty”. It’s mostly prevalent in Taiwan and South Korea. In some countries in Latin America, and even India, face bleaching creams have become very popular. People of color in countries full of beautiful people, so rich in culture with amazing histories are denying a huge part of who they are to appear more Caucasian. Absolutely beautiful, full curly hair is also incessantly straightened needlessly. And right here in America, more and more black women are wearing absurd pin straight weaves that obviously don’t look normal, but they’re obviously not alone.

It’s also strange how people can easily point out a horrible looking weave, but are frustratingly oblivious when they themselves look horrid.

The mere fact that a world so full of various types of people with so many different looks all seem to gravitate toward the same type cast speaks volumes. Little girls all over the world at some point feel the need to straighten their hair, lighten their skin or eyes, or artificially add what they don’t have to appear more European.

Where Self-Loathing Practices Come From

In 2010 Vanity Fair published a feature about the new stars of Hollywood and included no people of color.

In 2010 Vanity Fair published a feature about the new stars of Hollywood and included no people of color.

There are many reasons why people of color all around the world are showing signs of denying themselves to appear more Caucasian.

Historically, religious imagery inadvertently played a role in subconscious self-loathing in people of color. When many indigenous people around the world were introduced to Christianity for instance, they beheld the graven images, pictures and works of art (that the Bible specifically was warned us never to create-Exodus 20:4) in which Jesus, the saints and everything holy were depicted as white. The ironic truth is that Jesus could not have looked white at all. He was a Galilean Jew with African ancestry and strong ties to Ethiopia. This was also 2000 years ago, before a lot of nomadic movement, intermixing and conversion of white Europeans to Judaism throughout Europe. These images of the saints and patriarchs incorrectly depicted as all Caucasian, has had a long term subconscious psychological effect on the world and how people of color view themselves in the grand scheme of things.

Another effect on people of color is the international modeling industry that has mainly been controlled by a very small European entity, and the standard of beauty has already been defined for the world. Nowadays, there are some black, Asian or darker-skinned tokens thrown in the mix every now and then, but the image of what we think beauty is has already been instilled in us.

The dominance of Western culture and the power of whatever it promotes is unmatched. Even cartoons, and dolls little girls play with are one-sided and subconsciously impactful to how people of color rank and position themselves. Hollywood also had a history of race-bending and white washing that they’re only beginning to correct. Even historical heroes and heroines who weren’t white were depicted as white in films. When all things are considered, it isn’t difficult to understand what we’re now contending with all over the world. People will want to look like what has been glorified before them. It’s only “natural”.


Rediscovering Pride

Thandie Newton decided to keep it curly and chemical free to set an example for her children.
Thandie Newton decided to keep it curly and chemical free to set an example for her children.
Kim Cole has decided to stay away from weaves and chemicals.
Kim Cole has decided to stay away from weaves and chemicals.
Salma Hayek straightens her natural curls customarily like many Latinas seen in Spanish Novellas and shows. That trend is losing steam as going natural is moving into discussion.
Salma Hayek straightens her natural curls customarily like many Latinas seen in Spanish Novellas and shows. That trend is losing steam as going natural is moving into discussion.

I’m a realist. With that said, people may not like what I say, but I always call things as I see it and try very hard to think with my own mind. People can inadvertently make you conform and surrender your innate ideals and blur the lines of your wisdom, reason and principals if you allow them to. And if many people are afflicted with the same sociological flaw, they can influence you to believe there isn’t a problem at all. Weaves worn to the degree in which they are worn now by many women of color is obviously indicative of an underlying issue. Nor is it even physically or psychologically healthy. If you really dissect and think about it in terms of weeks and months, it’s not even realistically sustainable. Worn as an attachment or as an occasional style is one thing. Worn every single day, looking obviously fraudulent, blowing huge amounts of money for maintenance or replacement, possibly damaging and not nurturing your own natural hair, refusing to ever be seen without it, all while attempting to look like what you clearly aren’t naturally is quite another. There are several deep-rooted reasons why weaves have become so popular in the black community, but oblivious denial of those reasons has been the strongest response.

If you feel inwardly that you can only look better and attract people by wearing obviously fake adornments like a long weave in your hair, and you feel like you need to conform to that and defend it, then there’s no question that there’s something wrong. Whether a person has the self-awareness to admit it or not is another thing. Many of the women of color who have successfully brainwashed themselves to believe there’s nothing wrong with the over-use of weaves and that it’s a women’s prerogative, have chosen to ignore and block out the huge self-depreciation and psychological imprisonment that exists. Also, in various ways, people of color are still wrestling with mental slavery. Many women of color are trained and socialized very early in life to put dangerous, toxic chemicals in their hair and skin to be more socially acceptable. And now, walking around wearing weaves and wigs to have long straight hair has become customary.

A very sinister, deranged and criminally insane entity has been in control very early in our history. Consequently, a maniacal history of racial subjugation and categorization has permanently damaged how people of color view themselves to this very day. We’ve evolved from those days, but there are still lingering effects that haven’t yet been channeled.

Naïve bad advice is all over the place, and people don’t understand what they haven’t yet challenged themselves with. We’re in an age in which people are born into a preexisting form of bondage, but fish just swim with the school, and don’t attempt to analyze who they are and we’re they’re going. Many people, mostly dedicated weave wearers of course, say things like “It’s your hair, do whatever makes you feel good.” How is supporting the culture of pretending you have what you don’t have realistically making yourself feel good in the long run? It’s worldly, unenlightened logic and reason from those who have subconsciously surrendered. Call it what it is. It’s a commitment to putting on a costume every single day for perceived social acceptance. I will concede that everyone should do whatever they like, and do what makes them feel good, but at least understand exactly what it is without hiding behind socialized justifications. We’re currently in a culture that cultivates dealing with shallow things we don’t like about ourselves with deception. Being honest about what we want to change about ourselves, aware of the reasons why we want to change them, and honest about our methods of dealing with them is a truer step toward wisdom, wholeness, positive esteem and mental health. Without honesty, love and respect for ourselves as we are, who knows to what length the weave epidemic will grow.


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