The Revival Of American Racism

Racism is once again on the rise in America. You can see it. You can feel it. It’s all around us. It’s getting bolder. It’s getting taught and programmed into us on a regular basis. All American overt and public racism is making a come-back. What many entities in high places know very well but never say is that racism is deliberately manufactured, and that is the reason it’s coming back full force.

American racism seems to be at an all-time high and there is definitely a socially engineered reason why that is. In recent days, overt and public displays of mainstreamed racism seem to be growing and becoming more frequently manifested and the reason is because it’s home grown and it is institutionalized. Again it is understood that racism has always been here, but racism stopped being overt since the 70s. We are now seeing racism mainstream once again with even some politicians proudly spouting off racist ideology publicly.

The reasons are clear. We are severely miss-educated about world history and kept ignorant about many things. This produces a disrespect for other races and cultures and sets the stage for racist attitudes to permeate throughout society the way it is happening now. This series explores the history of American racism, hatred toward the black community, and the reasons why it is coming back to the mainstream.

Society cannot heal without first being honest. The video below breaks it down so that it is crystal clear what’s happening in America today.

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