The Truth You Should Know About Eating Cereal

I hate to break it to you guys, but despite what you were made to believe, cereal is no good for you. For those of you familiar with some of my blogs and videos you know I would not lie to you or talk confidently about anything I’m not sure about. I don’t push opinions. I do the research and I to tell you the truth whether anybody likes it or not. And the truth is cold cereal as it’s being made today was never good for you and you should stop eating it altogether. It’s junk food. There are lots of foods that people already know they are supposed to avoid like junk food, sweets, fast food, soda, canned goods and basically foods high in salts, sugars, or rife with preservatives. Cereal as a bad food however, isn’t as widely known at all. These cereal brands are straight out lying you to you. Until maybe the way it is made changes, cereal has got to go.

Personally, I lost cereal twice in my life. The first time I stopped eating cereal was due to my inability to eat it with milk which started happening somewhere late in my childhood. Before going vegan of course, I could eat ice cream, I could have cream in my coffee, and I could eat cheese all just fine, but there was something about having that much milk in one sitting that I couldn’t do. I stopped eating cereal because I could no longer ingest the milk because it made me feel sick. So for several years since even before my adolescence, I let it go.

Eventually, I discovered Almond milk and my ability to eat cereal was back in full effect. I didn’t like Almond milk as a substitute for milk in coffee, but I liked it alone and it was awesome with cereal. I liked it even better than regular milk. So excitedly, I started to scarf down cereal again. I started to buy all different kinds of what was promoted as healthy options. I even sometimes bought my childhood favorites like Capn Crunch, Fruity Pepples, Apple Jacks and such just to make up for lost time, just to taste again what I denied myself all that time.

As much as I was enjoying my cereal a change was on its way in. We have got to be very responsible and educated consumers in this day and age. We can’t keep shoveling the products these companies throw at us because many of the foods they make readily available for us give us diseases, but they will never tell you that. It’s a more dangerous world than you think and we all must do our part to be knowledgeable to better protect ourselves and our families. Ignorance comes with a price.  With that said, I make it my business to research and learn new things every day. I like to read and research. And I consider it part of my calling in life to share the information that I like to research with you all in varying art forms so that it can help other people. So with the many foods I already crossed off the list, cereal unfortunately was next on the chopping block. Here’s why.

Firstly, cereal isn’t real food and you don’t get real nutrition from it. It’s loaded with GMO’s. Most cereal brands advertise that it’s enriched with all these vitamins and minerals making it a complete and balanced breakfast, but that is far from the truth. The things they add are more harmful than good because they cab=n become toxic. Your body needs to absorb real vitamins minerals and nutrients properly from real food. Cereal is not real food. Your body does not absorb what they throw in cereal properly and it is not good for you.

Cereal is made through a process called extrusion through which all the nutrients are basically sucked out, and to compensate, chemically modified vitamins and minerals are added in later so they can slap that label on. It gets worse. Because of how cereal is made, it contains phytic acid which is known as an anti-nutrient because it actually blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Now think about it; cereal can get stale, but does it really ever go bad or decay? Here’s a saying that I think I made up, “If it doesn’t go bad, it’s most likely bad for you.” Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule but most usually, food that doesn’t spoil is probably some franken food that you probably shouldn’t be eating.

The GMOs loaded in cereal are very bad for digestion, liver function and even fertility. Also most cereals contain loads of sugar.

I’m not here to preach or tell anyone what to do. You all can do whatever you want. I’m only here to share information. You can take it or leave it.

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