The United States of Allegations: Rape Accusation on the Rise

Without a doubt rape allegations are sweeping the nation and creating a stir. Like dominoes, many alleged predators are being dropped from their positions of prestige and dragged before the court of public opinion. Of course, a lot of this is good. However, this is not to be celebrated too quickly as something positive. It’s producing many premature witch-hunts, negative consequences and chaos as well.  Although some offenders guilty of sexual misconduct may finally be forced to face the music, this may very well be part of a larger agenda that will also consume innocent targets and cause a plethora of negative societal consequences too. In fact, it is already happening, big time.

We always have to appease the socially engineered social justice warriors ready to be outraged and offended by something. Consequently, we have to preface our appeal to sanity and explain that most of us civilized people do not like or support rapists in any way shape or form and should not be called names like “rape apologists” for standing up for the law or in preserving innocence until proven guilt. We have to understand that we must respect our laws and precedents to maintain societal decorum. We cannot leap in emotionally, believe any allegation with or without evidence or investigation and immediately tar and feather anyone accused of things. This is why the media has become more dangerous than ever.

In addition to men like Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, and Matt Lauer to name a few, Tavis Smiley is new to the list of men accused of sexual misconduct and the details coming out about this case are very troubling. In this case it seems that no woman was ever aggressively trying to seek justice against Smiley. Instead it appears more as though some entity from within or outside of PBS was proactively instigating and looking for anyone who had a story. And so, PBS found women with stories and then sprung into action. If this is true, PBS just disgraced itself, not Smiley. The deliberated agenda is starting to expose itself.

We have to respect innocence until proven guilt and allow proper investigations before punitive action and very public smear campaigns. This is becoming a very wild and dangerous climate in which emotions, rumors, the media and organized groups are overpowering the law of the land.

Largely driven by misguided and fanatical 3rd-wave feminist agendas that myself, and many people like activist Aaron Russo warned about, we are headed toward a very bad place.

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