Video Goes Viral of Woman Live Streaming The Death of Her Boyfriend

It seemed like I was one of the first wave of folks to be alerted to the disturbing video of Lavish Reynolds’ boyfriend shot by the police. At the time it was sent it was late and no one I knew was aware of the video because it just happened. The video was sent by a friend, a fellow content creator, and we were analyzing what we saw. At the time that we were discussing the footage there were still no reports released in media.

We were both thinking the same things, in addition to the fact the timing of this spectacle came right after the viral Jesse Williams BET speech and then right after the public execution of Alton Sterling. Lavish Reynolds was able to live stream the altercation to Facebook with her dying boyfriend with her young daughter who was also present.

Reynolds was soon cuffed, detained and put in the back seat of a police car with her phone somehow still filming and her daughter¬†nearby¬†comforting her as her boyfriend Philando Castile bled and died. Her Facebook page went down immediately afterward but came back a few hours later. Regardless, by that time the video had already made it’s rounds.

Warning: Video is Graphic

So many side plots, events, confusion, things happening and things pushed to the forefront of media discussion. Very troubling times indeed.

Sure enough this is being politicized and thrown around in the news, and the police presented another “side” of the story on how this execution was justified routine police work. So even though we can see clear as day with our own eyes a man who is no threat, laying back bleeding to death, and an unhinged, seemingly unstable police officer still screaming unnecessarily with his gun still pointing at the dying man, they will sell us story, and—-here we go again. The times are troubling and this country needs a lot of help.

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