Was the OJ Trial a CointelPro Agenda? | Why America Keeps Retrying This Case

There is no doubt in my mind that something is very suspicious about the OJ Simpson trial, and that suspicion keeps growing with time. It’s how the powers that be won’t let it die, and literally keep retrying the case every few years. This is playing right into notion that this was a Cointelpro agenda all along. The powers that be want this to reverberate in society forever. And as soon as people begin to move on, they throw more logs into the fire. Without a doubt, the image of OJ’s guilt being ever present in pop culture is something people in very high places have been instigating since day one, and they are still at it.

The History of Racist Media Agendas

What many people don’t know is that even though he was disgraced, many things that president Nixon implemented via the intelligence agencies are still in effect today. Nixon was contending with a changing America. The Civil Rights Movement inspired the world and consequently became powerful. And therefore, racism was in decline. Hippies and anti-war movements were also on the rise. These peace and love movements overtook the youth, music and pop culture so powerfully that it derailed the countries agendas for war. The country’s constant push for legitimizing war was loathed and unpopular, especially after Vietnam. In addition to wanting war, it’s hard to believe but the elites also want racism and polarizing divisions to flourish in society. And so, to combat these changes many Cointelpro programs were implemented for the purpose of social engineering. One of the covert agendas for the country was to vilify black America and keep black criminality in the forefront of American pop culture. No this isn’t some sort of conspiracy, this was even admitted on record by president Nixon himself. Referring to blacks, an assistant of Nixon’s has been quoted as saying, “We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news.” Sherman, Erik. “Nixon’s Drug War, An Excuse To Lock Up Blacks And Protesters, Continues.”Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 24 Mar. 2016, www.forbes.com/sites/eriksherman/2016/03/23/nixons-drug-war-an-excuse-to-lock-up-blacks-and-protesters-continues/#5eb2b29342c8.

As time goes on they try to spin things by admitting to half-truths, admitting that Nixon sparked the war on drugs to target blacks, which was true, but there was much more than that going on behind the scenes. In addition to the war on drugs the American media has always had many covert agendas against black people, and black males specifically. No, it isn’t solely the people working for the news networks trying to carry out these agendas, it comes from above. Sure, they try to conceal this but it becomes painfully obvious regardless. For example, they quickly went after black male athletes when they pretended to be going after domestic violence. They go after black males in day to day news coverage. They go after celebrity black males routinely in the media and bombarded us with coverage regarding Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant’s rape allegations, to name a few. And of course, they resurrect these cases, retry the cases and put them front and center again, and again.

In the 1990s, the OJ trial bursted onto the scene like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Randomly and all of a sudden, the news media was following OJ’s infamous white Bronco before any of us even knew what was going on. Multiple channels flipped toward “the Bronco chase”. OJ was apprehended, and we were kept in the know of what was happening ever since. As America was compelled they led us toward a televised trial that was sensationalized by the media every single day. Now if you don’t see something funny about this and see how our collective attention was turned toward this from day one, then you’re probably the type of person that will always see nothing and fall for everything.

The OJ Simpson trial is the first of many very racially-charged cases to come out in which a black male was accused of something that the courts have had difficulty producing a conviction for using factual evidence, Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby to follow. In each of these cases, our controlled media went to great lengths smearing them and painting the picture of guilt regardless of the outcome in court. This seems to be a pattern.

With OJ, the nation became divided. White America quickly believed that OJ was guilty. However, black America and skeptics found several things weird. For starters, most of the damning evidence was all planted by the LAPD. That was a very serious problem. The crazy thing about this is that people just glossed over a wild police department that had no solid evidence, but was doing everything to rig the case. No, that is not normal. In addition to that, the question of how an aged ex-athlete who never killed anyone before was able to violently murder 2 young people with a knife, and without any signs of blood or struggle was never really answered. Something was never right about the OJ saga. Let’s just be real; OJ isn’t smart enough to have committed a double homicide and not have any forensic evidence tying him to the murders. He’s not “Jack the Ripper”. Whether he was guilty or not was never clear or fact. He could have been involved, had help, or may have not been involved at all. But committing this crime by himself never seemed likely. Regardless, people, including many black people in time just began to fall in line with the socially engineered “he’s guilty because of course he did it” narrative. Unfortunately, we have a culture of cultivated stupidity that doesn’t require things to make any sense. We fall in line with media guided popular opinion.

What I did find interesting was that there were several professionals who came forward through the years articuating OJ’s innocence. Only, you weren’t meant to see or hear them as they weren’t given much amplification. We’re talking about an entire forensic team and people like private investigator William C Dear, who have been producing theories and evidence showing the unlikeliness of OJ’s guilt. Lohr, D. (2012, April 02). ‘O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It’: In New Book, P.I. William Dear Claims O.J. Simpson’s Son Was The Killer. Retrieved March 14, 2018, from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/02/oj-simpson-book-jason-simpson-william-dear_n_1397583.html

Not to be outdone, the lamestream media responded with a fake “hypothetical” “confession” (that wasn’t actually a confession at all) to “prove” he was guilty after all. The media hardly ever relies on any factual evidence anymore. They just resort to sensationalizing persuasive and deceptive nonsense. That’s just what they do. Regardless, they’re not giving up on OJ. Even though there isn’t respectable evidence to convict or prove he’s guilty, every now and then they will keep pumping out nonsense to say he’s guilty anyway. And they will “squeeze” everything out the OJ narrative they possible can to keep OJ guilt and OJ hate alive and well for as long as they possible can with no letting it rest in sight. So is this a Cointelpro agenda? You be the judge.

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