Why Country Singer Neal McCoy Who Sang Against Taking a Knee, Should Have a Seat

Coons, opportunists and flag waving cornballs on the wrong side of history are coming out in the droves to encapsulate their inability to understand any of the issues, and are committing themselves and their careers to being a part of the problem. Country singer Neal McCoy decided to give his country music career a boost by making a song to worship his country and criticize the NFL players protesting injustice on behalf of not a flag, symbols, idols or concepts, but a segment of actual people experiencing injustice living in the country he loves.

The song is corny, lame and designed to titillate the hordes of Americans who are suffering from Fox News indoctrination, social engineering, and cognitive dissonance.  Hordes of people are showing a fascinating inability to think, show empathy, and a complete ineptitude for having the slightest interest in understanding why the athletes are kneeling. This is why we can’t move forward. Too many controlled sheeple want people who are fighting injustices to feel as though they are doing something wrong. They just want them to obey the system, love America at all costs, stand and hail. That’s all. They don’t want to talk about the issue, they just want them boys to stand. This isn’t patriotism, it’s text book fascism, but some of the people who think they are patriots have no idea.

Throughout modern history, protests have actually given us many of the rights we enjoy today. Because of mind control programming, however, this segment of society still does not understand that sneering at people’s Constitutional right to protest while perpetually ignoring the reason they are protesting is not purposeful, progressive or in the right.  And so, McCoy’s tune appeals to those who don’t get it, refuse to get it, and keep spinning the narrative in the other direction.

What’s All The Kneeling About Anyway


So—-why are they kneeling? Well, for a long time we’ve watched unarmed people of color shot and killed over and over again. The world even watched some of these executions live-streamed on Facebook. The constant flow of stories and images were terrible. People have been complaining about this for years but we’ve reached a time in which technology is able to show the receipts nonstop. Especially in early 2016 the reports and viral video clips began to pour in. Every human being with a soul knew what they were seeing was wrong. From Eric Garner being choked to death on the street while being unlawfully surrounded and pounced on, that they still lie to us about (he was not in the act of selling cigarettes or doing anything illegal), to Philando Castille shot to death in his car while obeying orders, announcing his actions reaching for his identification, and while his daughter was in the back seat; we kept seeing legalized demonic activity at its worst. Sure, there were protests and hordes of people waiting for justice to come so that people could at least feel that we live in land of rules, law and justice. That justice never came and just about all the cops who murdered the unarmed citizens were let off scot-free and went back to work. So athletes like Colin Kaepernick and others began a silent protest to spark the conversation. The powers that be responded by making it all about Kaepernick and individual players, and convinced the caboose half of the country that those “ungrateful” black athletes were protesting primarily to disrespect the flag, our military and America.

Putting it in Perspective


When you constantly ignore people and justify injustices, eventually it’s going to spill over into something else. People are going to make you listen. This is common sense, but apparently many Americans simply don’t possess it. We have to be honest; calling a spade a spade, many Americans are insane. These people want everyone to agree that there is no issue when there is one and just move along. Because of course America is faultless and protesting anything is a blasphemous sin. They want everyone to be quiet, grateful and mindlessly patriotic even though there are scores of people who have damn good reason not to be. In the paraphrased words of Jesse Ventura, patriotism isn’t mandated, it’s earned.

Tactics from the usual play book are used over and over again. When people criticize injustice and try to hold the country to any sort of moral standard, the powers that be throw the military and veterans out front as the ones being disrespected. And the hordes of sheeple eat it up every time. There is nothing new under the sun. They criticized Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, and pretty much every courageous person of color in history who took a stand for something.  And every time, the clueless, myopic and disgustingly selfish majority try to shut them down until history exonerates them and exposes who was right and who was wrong all along.

Love of country no matter what is as buffoonish as it is dangerous. Loving your country shouldn’t entail ignoring the complexities of the issues and defending the country no matter what she does. People who really love their country should be part of the progressive movements making sure she is doing what she ought to be doing. No, you should not be demanding everyone join your cult and worship flag and country while silencing protesters and people who are exercising their rights, trying to be heard, presenting unresolved issues and protesting provable social injustices.

In these times, so many people have no idea how their humanity has been sucked out of them and that they are living lives as soulless entities controlled by the establishment. Rome is burning, so to speak, and the moral compass and soul of America is being eviscerated. It’s high time people get with the truth, wake up, and stop esteeming themselves as heroic patriots, when many Americans are instead behaving like maniacal psychopaths. As for Neal McCoy’s new track, to an insane society that is losing it’s soul, this corny manifestation of cognitive dissonance and blind patriotism over people, is more music to their ears.

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