America Already Lost Election 2016

I almost posted a Facebook comment that I decided to rather convert over into a blog. The comment read:
I waited to the last day just to be 100% certain that all election long neither candidate bothered to adequately address one of the most important domestic issues—which is the banks and oil companies breaking an 1851 treaty to usurp more Native American land so that they could continue to rape the earth and destroy the environment further with more oil drilling through sacred land. And right now, mindlessly doing the bidding of the oil companies, militarized law enforcement are arresting and spraying the [protectors] and indigenous people with chemicals for the crime of trying to save their land. Instead we heard endless nonsensical ramblings about emails and grabbing p***y. Vote how you want but neither of them will “run the country”. Those corporations controlling police forces, drilling for oil and successfully keeping it out of the news media do.
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I opted not to because the energy in doing so started to feel like an attention seeking move. Attention is not what motivates me and I didn’t want to fall in line with the other political “listen to me” shenanigans I kept seeing on my timeline. So I reserved it for my alternative media channels which is what I do anyway. But it frustrates me to see so many psychologically trapped people, talking in circles passionately about nothing when so much is at stake.  I also didn’t post it because I learned that Obama (temporarily) ordered a halt to the pipeline which is great news, for now. It could still be a deflection but at least enough pressure and attention has stopped it momentarily. People are so caught up in the Trump versus Hillary fiasco of an election that I’m not certain a lot of people realize many of the things going on this very moment that they don’t show us in the news. I understand people being concerned for the country, but very few people are talking about the right things or demanding things from these candidates that we should be very concerned with. These candidates didn’t promise us anything or speak on any of those issues. Instead we are still arguing about which one is better or worse. Regarding the pipeline issue, one candidate has released a meaningless statement and the other said nothing. The truth is to some degree they are both in league with the banks, the oil companies, the establishment and therefore the furtherance of the same unresolved issues including the continued destruction of the planet. That’s how I already know there will be more of the same and the election for me is already over.


It’s difficult to play along with this distraction and deflection game when the powers that be have been hitting us high and low from geoengineering to cancerous GMO’s. In addition to that we keep seeing the worst aspects of the country on display. Humanity, empathy and intellect have fallen so shockingly low people can’t even agree on what police misconduct is when they see an execution live-streamed on Facebook. Citizens are programmed and brainwashed by the establishment to draw lines and fight other citizens and instead start preparing their defenses against the obvious.

We can’t even agree that our skies and environment have been tampered with or that there is a direct correlation between our foods and disease because a section of society is completely calcified and institutionalized, and another section are labeled “conspiracy theorists”, even despite all of the empirical evidence. Who’s in charge?

We went through one of the worst summers and the matter of police misconduct and unjustified killings has not been resolved or adequately dealt with. We also keep getting inundated with more mass shootings and domestic terror plots but no societal analysis or remission of these trends. Are government sponsored acts of terror now a normalized expectation? Which of the candidates is poised to do something? Which course of action do we agree with and are we voting for?

In the 1970s we were at war, but the people were smart enough to see through it, realize it was pointless and an awakening society demanded it stop. Well through decades of social engineering they sure fixed us. Society has been rewired to want to bomb away at our alleged enemies across the world that we never see. We’ve become drones completely desensitized to the normalization of war. Which of the candidates spoke about bringing the troops home like Obama promised when he ran? Which candidate suggested a move toward world peace or a resolution of any kind? Instead they doubled down on tough talk, the threats of terror, fake propaganda videos and rhetoric, with no end in sight. Who exactly are we fighting anyway? Before you regurgitate something you heard on TV admit that for nearly a decade now, no one really knows. Save it.

And literally during the election of 2016 in a nation of a clueless majority, yes we are dealing with Native Americans being dehumanized, assaulted, arrested and pushed out so that corporations that also own the media can continue to rape and destroy the earth. Screwing the Native Americans—my how far we’ve come. Sure people will come around with the argument that the drilling will bring jobs and industry—soulless people who do not understand the worth of the sacred environment around them. People who also do not realize we could have emancipated ourselves from oil dependency decades ago if we advanced our technology accordingly. We did not solely because of profit and the oil companies have been sabotaging inventions and technological advancement for years to keep the current standard in place.

The reality of the situation is that one of these awful candidates who never spoke on any of the real issues affecting all of us may be the president elect. And then what? They promised us nothing. They will do nothing. We simply played along with the political theater. What are we really expecting to happen? To be “saved”?

News flash: Neither of them, including the sitting president, said anything about pursuing indictments for rogue homicidal cops that the world watched in disgust get away with murder all year long. None addressed the issue with a plan of action or solution, even though there were protests about it in several US cities and with new cases popping up left and right on video. So much so developing nations wanted to know what our problem was.

None of them addressed the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry that has been getting rid of holistic doctors and hiding cures in order to keep people sick to sell drugs. For example Dr. Sebi, a man who cured AIDS and several other diseases turned up dead after mysteriously being in a Mexican jail for months. Let me repeat that, a world renowned pathologist with no criminal history and known for allegedly curing diseases was in jail for months and that bothered no one. And these same entities told us while in jail, the man who cures diseases died of pneumonia. And like a horde of mindless lemming’s people believed it. Because of course these corporations would never protect their interests or lie to us. The powers that be successfully duped the entire nation to think about nothing important, while all charged up to vote in the psychological grips of fear, orchestrated deflection issues, frustration, team affiliation and tribalism.

Many friends and family both Republican and Democrat were curious if I was getting out to vote to vote in Hillary and keep Trump out.  As far as our “choice” is concerned, yes I know Donald Trump should not be president. However, the mere fact that we have to convince or fight half of our fellow citizens of that shows that we have already lost in a democracy. Our candidates are at an all time low because propagandized American society is at an all time low. And even though Trump would be a name-calling, bigoted, xenophobic, celebrity tweeting, p***y grabbing national embarrassment and testament to the current intellect and moral compass of our nation, Clinton is by no means a diversion from any of our problems. One is simply more transparent than the other. So no matter who you vote for or who wins, “America” still lost the election in 2016.

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