Evolution Is Not True

Evolution Is A Lie

Evolution is false. As I say that the psychological defenses are bubbling and people may be immediately thinking, “this guy is an idiot.” And the reason you may be thinking that is because you have been “educated”, or rather brainwashed and indoctrinated your entire life and your mind control mechanisms are kicking in. In truth, you don’t really know if evolution is true or not. You believe it because that’s what you were told to believe by people set up before you to trust blindly. It is the popular widely adopted belief system by the rational and you will defend it as if it were true as the sun in the sky. The truth about Evolution as its being interpreted today, primarily the belief that we evolved directly from apes is false and erroneous. It was never a scientific truth and was never ever presented as such. It was a theory, an idea with many gaping holes that Darwin himself admitted to. Scientific facts are facts that don’t have any holes and can withstand the strict rigidity of scientific methodology. The evolution of apes to man was never theoretically sound or factual. The modern day misinterpretation of Evolution is but one of the many, many things you have been completely miseducated about in your life.

There is countless material on this subject, but not to make this too long or too crammed with an overload of scientific information I strongly encourage you to do your own research for yourself. You shouldn’t just take it from me either.

Firstly, Darwin  isn’t actually the father of evolution. He’s merely an opportunist who took credit for the work of Alfred Russel Wallace. Unfortunately a lot of what’s in our history books is fiction put there by the wealthy and privileged re-writers of history. Regardless, “they”, never claimed we evolved from apes via direct ancestry or mutation in the way most people think of the theory of evolution. Wallace merely suggested we shared a common ancestor, which is scientifically true for a variety of reasons. We share common ancestry and DNA with all living things. And with apes our closest cousins, it was not a fact, but merely scientific postulation that there may have been a transitional common ancestor. Related of course, but no, it is absolutely false that we literally evolved from apes.

At any rate, despite what many choose to believe there is no evidence supporting the ‘evolution’ of the evolution theory, which is that there are several transitional ancestors with apes on route to modern humanity. Fossil evidence has been ruled out even by die-hard evolutionists. However, there is evidence and DNA supporting the research that there were different, and at least 3 species of humans. Modern humans, Denisovans and Neanderthals. The Neanderthals became extinct after interbreeding and/or dying off in Europe and the Denisovans became extinct after interbreeding and dying off largely in Asia. In present day, all human beings except for sub Saharan black Africans, have at least 1-4% Neanderthal DNA in their genetic makeup. Black Africans typically have no neanderthal or Denisovan DNA. There were always different types of birds, different types of dogs, and evidently different types of humans. Apes are our cousins, not our progenitors. Nowhere is there anything that suggests or proves that primates somehow mutated or evolved and became human.

Evolution and Natural Selection


People often get confused between evolution and the mechanisms of natural selection. Natural selection is the process through which the most efficient and optimal genetic traits are favored which then produces a breed or species. It’s basically survival of the fittest. Nature favors the genes best suited for survival in a given terrain. However, the favored gene pool are not mutations or new strands of DNA. They’re simply favored genetic traits of genes already in existence in a given species. There isn’t any factual scientific evidence for a whole new mutated species evolving out from another species. “Evolving” as we know it is a flawed concept that was never true. There are different types of finches, different types of pigeons and several different types of penguins. They are all birds very closely related in the bird family, but distinctly different unto themselves. Canaries don’t become eagles and pigeons don’t become buzzards. That isn’t how it works. We as human beings have many similarities and shared DNA to our closest cousins, the apes, but very distinct differences including an inability to ever produce offspring with them due to distinct chromosomal differences. Apes are still here, more akin to each other, and are still very much apes. Orangutans are Orangutans and monkeys are monkeys. Apes never through some sort of wild unknown mutation became human. There is no real evidence to support this.  Again, there have been different types of monkeys, different types of gorillas and different types of humans. A part of the same family, without a doubt. Mutated out from them, no proof of that whatsoever. There is only a theory that because we are so alike, the same ancestor that created them must have also created us. A theory with lots and lots of holes.

In order to support what the powers that be would like you to believe, at times they commissioned scientific bodies, the smart people if you will, to tell us their sometimes compromised opinions and we take it as Gospel. If evolution were true it would be a process billions of years in the making. And you’d think for thousands upon thousands of years there’d be several civilizations of human/ape hybrids. It’d be smart to assume that it would have been documented by early humans, or that there would be crossover DNA and evidences all over the place fully intact.  In reality there was absolutely nothing. So in the late 1800s and early 1900s they started to invent things after claiming to find one or two fossils here and there, and invented the Homo Erectus and the Australopithecus, to name a few and put it all in our textbooks. However, when you do your due diligence and research these things, you come to the realization that these inventions, if you will, begotten out of Cognitive Bias are not fact and never truly existed.  Palaeoanthropologists and artists worked together with ancient ape bones to reconstruct things they were pretty much deciding on, with nothing rooted in scientific fact.

So today with indoctrination so powerful, most people don’t understand that Evolution was never factual. It was just an unfinished, incomplete scientific theory. And for a time it seemed like the best viable explanation of humanity so we just ran with it. And then through the years Darwinism has been hijacked, people added lies, distortions, and fake bridge species between humans and apes that never existed but were taught to us in school almost as if it were fact.

Christianity vs Atheism


Here’s what further convolutes the issue: when it comes to what we believe many of us institutionalized people psychologically fall into teams, because that’s just what we do. Many of the people most vocal about Evolution in the blogashpehere are Christians and Atheists. Just saying, atheists typically tend to be more intellectual, so naturally they tend to side with the scientific community and support Evolution. And not all, but many Christians oppose evolution and support creationism. Both groups however, are mired in Cognitive Bias and are chasing their tales and going around in circles. Here’s why. Atheists who support evolution feel they have the high ground to lambast and even ridicule these Christians because they are supported with scientific fact. However, no they are not supported with any scientific fact. They are merely standing by what they deem a better explanation of the birth of humanity than what Christianity has to offer.  It’s seemingly more credible, but it’s still wrong and not fact, nor does it answer the question why life exists. Darwin (or Wallace) never said, “Hey, I’m a brilliant man and I’ve found the scientific answers, so you could all stop thinking now.” Darwin proposed a very viable theory based on observations between related species that shared DNA traits, but admitted there was no evidence or existence of any missing link species.  It’s a theory that has not been proven. And if you don’t choose to believe it, you are not stupid or wrong for not subscribing to it. On the flip-side, many of the Christians responding and disavowing evolution are vocal but most are not using scientific reasoning to support themselves and counterattack. They’re using Bible verses. This paradigm is what perpetuates the ignorance on both sides of the fence. Regardless, the question of how and why life exists is still there and still unanswered.

This is exactly that type of thing that eliminates choice and critical, out-of-the box thinking. Everything is forced into the psychology of binary options. If it’s not this, it must be that. If you’re not Republican you must be Democrat and so on, and so on and so forth. Go look for yourselves. Almost every anti-evolution blog, article, documentary or whatever have you, is religious based and everything pro evolution is from an atheist group or a scientific body that benefits from sustaining the belief in evolution. There are almost no independent, non-religious scientific entities that call attention to the fact and with no ulterior motive that evolution is simply not factual and therefore not truth—which is the truth.

Dr. Colin Patterson, former senior paleontologist of the British Museum of Natural History and author of the book  “Evolution”  is one of several scientific experts supporting evolution but remained honest about it’s fallibility. He states, “I fully agree with your comments about the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them …. I will lay it on the line – there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument.”

There are several other Paleontologists who have publicly admitted there is no factual evidence supporting evolution. Stephen Jay Gould, Professor of Geology and Paleontology at Harvard University and Evolutionist Stephen M. Stanley of Johns Hopkins University have both reiterated the same sentiments that many scientists have stated regarding the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record. Stephen M. Stanley stated, “In fact, the fossil record does not convincingly document a single transition from one species to another.”

Many other scientists for or against evolution have concurred that many of the fossils pieced together and reconstructed don’t mean much as far as evidence of evolution is concerned. Why then is this fiction taught in schools as highly probable or fact? Regardless and in a nutshell, you are certain of nothing. Evolution and creationism are not the only two schools of thought with which you must choose. 

The Educational Mental Prison

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In our current educational system we are not taught how to think. We are taught to not think and we are discouraged from challenging or questioning the fiction constantly shoved down our throats. Schools are indoctrination camps where we are barely educated. The system is not structured to stimulate and challenge your mind or encourage critical thinking. It’s where we learn the rules. We learn fake and edited history. We learn how to live according to schedule, obey authority and think as a group. In school we learn to cultivate our left side of the brain as we do not train or challenge the right. It’s where we are socialized and our minds are filled with thoughts and concepts before forming our own. It’s a system based on memory, not thinking. And the more you study and retain information to repeat it, the better you will do.

When it comes to science the powers that be teach us what they want us to think. They do not teach or engage the average public school student in the scientific methodology for critical thinking, analyzation and drawing independent factually sound conclusions. They don’t explain to us the many times that the science community were completely wrong about things or why. Science is conversational, always growing, learning, asking questions, and it involves all of us. However from religion, to history, to science information is controlled. They know that what they can make you believe affects your very perception of reality. Most may not realize it, but your mind has been poisoned with false science, covert racism, and complete nonsense to shape your thinking.

The promoted subliminal notion that all life is pretty random and being a monkey man may dissuade some people from the realization that you are in fact a multidimensional sentient being. Not all, but many of us have individuated souls and a consciousness that exists in and out of this dimension. We have the ability to connect to higher chakras and we have intricate metaphysical qualities, characteristics and abilities. Things aren’t always black or white. Don’t allow pre-existing schools of thought to blindly parade you over to mythologies, or shut you down from spiritual or metaphysical awareness. Not to veer off into other heavy commentary or to evangelize, I will simply encourage people to stop falling for the typical traps and mind control mechanisms laid before you to stifle thought and personal growth.

Open your mind. Stop letting people and institutions tell you how and what to think. Question what you think and how you came to think it. Become awakened. And as this debate rages on, you will see many passionate people defending and debating this concept with a passionate tenacity. You will find people doing this about a great many things and about several societal topics. A polluted indoctrinated mind may feel the need to convince, persuade, chastise, rebuke or even ridicule. It’s because we are compromised in many forms of mind control and entangled in many delusions. In truth we have nothing to prove to anyone. A desire to support a belief system or debunk another will always keep you’re motives impure and off course. Love unites us all and love and respect for all mankind should be the force behind the motivation of seeking truth. Without the inclusion or introduction of any dogmas, the true intention of scientific education has a purity to it. Without getting into an emotional opinionated debate of any kind there are simple questions to ask in the spirit of truth and scientific integrity. To the question, “Is evolution proven factual scientific truth,” despite any emotion or opinion, to date the truthful, scientific and factual answer is “no”.

Science Against Evolution

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