The Real Change We Need in Election 2016 (Is You)

I’ll keep this very short and sweet. Nor will I mince words. This election is showing us just how insane, dumbed-down, propagandized, emotionally compromised and clueless many Americans are and how we are in very bad shape. People keep asking me who I’m voting for. I also keep seeing people post political rants on Facebook every day, all day long. Here is the reality of the situation: This presidential race is not about picking the best person to run the country. Our entire political system is a broken sham, and this race is merely about picking the lesser of two evils. Change will not come from either candidate; change has to come from the people. And by the looks of it, things are looking bleaker by the day.

Let me just cut to the chase and skip a lot of unnecessary wordplay. Donald J. Trump should not be president of the United States. To most people who are sound of mind, this is an understatement. He has no plan for America and has only proven himself to be a pathological con artist. Let’s recap some things we all already know. While the election was heating up, in a press conference in which he was supposed to be telling us something important about his campaign he advertised his hotels. As a business man he has declared bankruptcy several times and he has a history of stiffing people who worked for him. He proposed we ban all Muslims and build a wall to keep Mexicans out (as if that’s one of our major problems). Yes this reveals that because of our news media brainwashing, Americans are dumb enough to believe all Muslims are to be loathed even though most acts of domestic terrorism, primarily mass shootings, are perpetrated by white males. There’s more. Image wise, in a so-called Christian Nation we would have a first lady that posed nude caressing other women. Yes, that is definitely a first. Trump appeals primarily to low IQ racists who don’t fully understand the logistics of any of the issues. They don’t know much, but they’re angry and they are voting angrily. Despite the overwhelming blaring reasons he should not be in the White House to those with functional eyes and ears, and despite our international continued embarrassment, Trump’s popularity is proving that many Americans are completely insane. The steady dumbing-down of America has resulted in the times we’re in. And so a bigoted, angry, self-absorbed fool who inherited a fortune but doesn’t pay taxes, offering no plan or good ideas is now a symbol of hope for the future to hordes of Americans who are completely confused, propagandized and out of their minds.

Hillary is terrible in many, many other ways, but at least she qualifies as a politician with experience and competence for the job. However, that’s almost part of the problem. She represents many of the problems with our current political system and she works for powerful special interest groups and not for the people. Hillary represents the corruption that America needs to eradicate. So what do we do?

First, we need to get the idea of a political savior out of our heads. That sole white night doesn’t exist. It wasn’t Obama. And no it isn’t Hillary—-and if you think it’s Trump you need to be kicked down a flight of stairs followed by a piano. The savior is us, the people. People need to become more awake. People need to start learning what’s truly going on and how things really work. You’re just watching a puppet show. They never tell you what our real problems are. They never talk about Fukushima and the disasters big industries like Oil and Energy are causing that are literally destroying the earth, so much so the Pacific Ocean is dead. They never tell you the truth about vaccines or GMO’s. They never tell you about our terrorism causing, disastrous foreign policies in the Middle East. They never tell us that the CIA and FBI orchestrate much of the news you see to control you. You’re being propagandized. They never tell us about the many secret racist agendas in place from the medical industry down to the justice system. They don’t talk about the predatory banking system. They never speak about geoengineering. They don’t talk about the militarization of the police forces and the covert rise of fascism. They tell us absolutely nothing and they rule Americans through our stupidity and ignorance.

So I’m not voting for Trump because I wouldn’t respect myself. When most people come to their senses they’ll understand that he isn’t the person we need consoling the Nation during national tragedies or the person we need with the nuclear codes. And I’m not interested in building walls. Uninformed Americans aren’t privy to many things these days, or that under their favorite president whose legacy was re-invented [Reagan], we encouraged nations to tear down their walls and to stop doing that sort of thing. Yes, we learned and moved passed that failed rhetoric in the 80s. Nor am I “with her”, but I lean that way if I must vote. Regardless, we need to be instrumental in changing this broken system, and not sitting back voting in it, believing in political opportunists every election, and expecting change to manifest itself. We are the change when we all wake up and we demand it.

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