Trump Is The Worst “Winner” In American History | And We Lose

I already know his MO, but it’s truly an upsetting disgrace to see 45 in action. Yes we already know, the man has no class or self-restraint. But it’s a little worse than that. This is a powerful evil; the kind of evil that has the weak-minded or emotionally compromised thinking this is something good. And it doesn’t matter where he goes, he cements the notion the he is one of the worst, sore political—winners in American history. The most infantile, name-cally, unstable and spiteful demagogues in US history is Commander-in-chief. And no, this is not good.

Campaigns get ugly when it gets down to the wire. But the losers eventually concede and move on. And the winners, usually, begin to take the high road, look ahead and beyond the petty as tactful leaders. Not this guy. Trump won the election, but he’s the only modern US president to keep the campaign smear tactics going in full effect, and as if he’s still campaigning. And watching him behave still spouting politicized rhetoric in front of children at the Boy Scouts Jamboree was an eye-sore. What was worse is that there are scores of clueless adoring followers who do not have the spiritual wisdom to understand what they are actually seeing. Watching this mischievous, obnoxious, man-child lead boos against his predecessor, another President of The United States is all I needed to see. We wouldn’t tolerate this behavior from any other president. We are telling the children of the nation that he is in the highest office in the land and that his behavior is acceptable. To me, this was another reflection of the times we are in, and it’s bad.

Here’s a big problem with Trump that will not go away and will only worsen with time. Firstly, Trump has set the bar so low for POTUS the next person could do whatever he or she wants. Trump didn’t show his tax returns. Trump is guilty of treason with evidence of collusion. Trump publicly accused another POTUS of a crime and was wrong about it.  Trump has done things no one else is allowed to do as president and America will pay for all of this, dearly.

But mainly, Trump is the distraction and division president and he is serving an agenda powerfully. This country will never heal under Trump. He has adoring followers that will excuse and explain every maniacal thing he says and does. And that is causing a huge division among the American people. Not everyone is buying Trump’s snake oil. They know what he is and what he’s doing every time he speaks, and 2 sides are widening against each other.

Trump uses every opportunity to brainwash his base with political talking points and rhetoric. “Repeal and Replace!” “Obamacare is terrible!” Wise members of society know that this isn’t leadership; he’s a full-blown politician now and these are just agendas. But many of his “fans” don’t get it. People still can’t see through his racket. He is the Executive Branch now, the President of The United States. The time for complaining and blaming people is over. He and his administration are now in the hot seat. But he is still fooling people into thinking there are enemies and boogiemen to fear. And while he got half the country to think he was going to drain the swamp, he’s pouring in the sewage. Goldman Sachs execs. Big Oil execs. Alt-right white supremacists. All manner of special interests are seizing power under Trump, and his fans are falling for the act.

Even when speaking to children he couldn’t resist smearing Hillary and President Obama, demonizing Obamacare and politicizing an event that never gets politicized because the audience is children. So yes, I tuned in to catch his speech at The Boy Scouts Jamboree. I only watched to confirm firsthand what I heard, but I cannot sit through him speaking for too long.  And yes, he did everything people said he did. In front of the backdrop of the American flag, he trashed Obamacare, trashed his predecessor Obama, and encouraged the children to boo.

The delusion that America is the leader of the world is long gone. It is a country compromised by corruption that jails its citizens more than anywhere else on the planet. A country that doesn’t invest in the people, it spends more money toward war and military might. A country that lets it’s police get away with murdering innocent citizens.  A country still not able to find its soul or moral compass. A country that elected Donald Trump.

I don’t fear Trump as much as I fear the moral compass of society and the direction we are heading in. No, things are not good at all.

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